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Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc., allowing users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app.One of its unique features is that it allows users to make changes between cash (USD,EUR, GBP, etc ) to bitcoins. Like every other transfers systems, there is a database and transfer framework where records all registered users, account balances, transaction histories are kept. Also for every transaction made, there is an EXACT TRANSACTION LOG created which registers the cash app transaction and communicates with the servers on corresponding actions.

Our Prices

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1 hour



1 hour



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours



6 hours

How It Works?

All monetary transfers make use of dedicated networks which are called Exchange Servers. Each transfer system has its own exchange server. And CashApp uses its own unique exchange system. What we do is we buy exchange logs from darkweb gurus called exchangers and we use these logs through extensive techniques to hack through these transfer services and make 100% safe transfers to your various CashApp accounts. Once you make your request/order and pay the corresponding fee payment to the darkweb exchangers, they would provide us the logs and other tools we need, and we would use it to complete the hack within  1 hour – 6 hours depending on server response time. After this is done, a successful transfer which is totally safe would be made to you. The funds would reflect in your account within the set time (45 minutes  – 6 hours).

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After we confirm payment, the waiting time is 45minutes - 6 hours then you get all details for you to cash out.

-We don't give test Transfers and we don't work on percentage for first time customers.

Work Flow

How We Work

01. Select Your Service

Choose your desired plans/hacks that bests suits your interest from our different services info pages/Price Tables

02.Contact Us

Contact Us either via our email: [email protected] or contact pages with your order and necessary payments

03. We Work Our Magic

Our Team processes your Order and Delivers to you in a timely manner without any issues or complicacies as we guarantee full security

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Our Other Services

Our Services includes and not limited to; Extensive Carding, Airline Booking, Electronic Shipping, Blank ATM Cards, Recovery of Lost/Stolen/Missing Bitcoins, Bank Transfers, Western Union Hack Transfer, MoneyGram Transfers as well and among many others not listed. Kindly contact us Using our Official Email: [email protected] with your request and we’ll get started with working with you right away. You can as well visit our FAQs Page Using the Link below.

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Thanks Vortex Hackers for the $7000 you hacked into my Cash App,I just received it now.Exactly the time you said i will receive it.Continue the good work guys you are the best.

I am here to thank Vortex Hackers for the hack transfer they did for me 7 months ago.I am so grateful to them,they saved me when i had no one to turn to..You guys are the best and only legit ones out there..

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I saw testimonies about you guys online and i decided to contact you guys. How does this hack thing work? i’m new to it.

Thanks Vortex Hackers, I just got the sum of $50,000 now in my bank account. Thanks for saving me from this financial shame.

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